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Royal Signals 'Wire' magazine Feb-Mar 73

December has proved to be a quiet month for the Squadron as far as operations are concerned. Probably a good thing, as the social calendar was too full to permit interference by rockets, bombs and other likely disturbances to the peace and good will season.
The month unfortunately started on a gloomy note with a fatality. As a result of a mortar attack on the Squadron on the 5th December, Sergeant Roy Hills, RAOC, a Brigade ATO was killed. Since then, however, it seems that the IRA have knocked off for Christmas, giving a pleasant interlude of relative calm.

On the 19th December, Lord Carrington, the Secretary of State for Defence, honoured our knicker factory with a flying visit. After a quick lunch he just had time to speak to a few members of the Squadron before shooting off to visit other Brigade units.

Lord Carrington talking to the Brigade Commander's crew. From left to right: the Squadron O.C., Major K. Ryding,Lord Carrington, Signalman "Monty" Monti-Colombi, Lance-Corporal Geordie Harrison, Signalmen Bob Hanlon and Bob Daly.

Staff-Sergeant Bob Foster models the latest in sports wear
Apart from two concerts, one by the Portadown male voice choir, and the other by the band of the 9/12 Lancers, the highlight of the winter entertainments was undoubtedly the Squadron revue 'Factory Frolics.'

The sketches were all of a surprisingly high standard involv­ing a lot of detailed preparation and hardwork by all concerned. But perhaps the two most memorable sketches were the 'MT Fashion Show' and the 'Whistling Men of Borneo.' Staff Sergeant Bob Foster modelled the latest sportswear for the heavyweight elderly lady in Northern Ireland, with W.O.2 Tony Waugh as compare in the background. The whistling men of Borneo, Captain Neil Mackereth and W.O.I (R.S.M.) Jim Thornton had everyone guessing.

The many and varied Christmas social events culminated in two memorable events, the Sergeants' Mess draw and the Junior Ranks' Club dance.

The Sergeants' Mess draw was ably organised by the Committee, W.O.2 Tony Waugh, Staff Sergeant Les Wilkinson and Sergeants Les Downie and Tony Collard. The noise of the band though loud could not be used as an excuse for the many fuddled heads the next morning, though everyone agreed they enjoyed themselves immensely.

The evening was tinged with a degree of sadness as it was the 'final' farewell to the Squadron Second-in-Command Captain Niel Mackereth. and his wife Dona. All the best to you both in Germany, leave some duty free booze for us! Almost forgot an important event; the RSM won a Hoover vacuum cleaner at the draw.

The Squadron beat 12 Int and Sy Company, at soccer, 4-1 in the semi-finals of the Northern Ireland Minor Units Cup. We go on to play the Depot Kings Division in the finals on the 10th January. The team is in rigorous training under the RSM, 'the squad will score goals by num­bers, Squad one…!’

Our basketball team has also been in hard training under Y. of S. Alan Dunbar as they prepare for the semi-final of the Northern Ireland zone of the Army Cup, against 233 Signal Squadron.
Stop Press: Unfortunately we have to report a defeat of 27 points to 19 points and regrettably one casualty, that of our main striker Y. of S. Dunbar who received a potts fracture to the right ankle. That's the only excuse we can offer. Well played 233, may you go on to win the final.

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